RingLab is a laboratory of artists and artisans united by their passion for Italian design,
that constantly study new creative solutions to produce innovative items, researched and quality.
The art of Shibari and Kinbaku today can take advantage of valuable objects, specifically designed for their function and for the needs of the Rigger.
Tools that offer new creative possibilities.

We have developed the ambition to offer the uniqueness of handmade things, attention to detail and love for style.
In these disciplines ring and ropes are elements characterized by deep symbolic meanings and are the tools that the Rigger uses to create.
We believe that the suspension ring must be a real work of art, unique, special,
able to exalt the Rigger work and reveal its unique character and its accurate style.


A special thanks to all the models of these years who have had confidence in me:
the other Alessia, Anastasia, Antonia, Belgutei Bd, Cristiana, Cristina, Daniela, Deborah, Enza, Giulia, Hou huangji, Ilaria, Luana, Luca,
Ludovica, Luisa,
Maria, Marianna, Marianne, Mario, Marina, Manuela, Nadia, Oriana, Patrizia, Sophie, Tina, Tsaagii, Valentina, Valeria, Vroni